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Sacha Inchi Seeds Reduces the Risk of Suffering from Depression

Sacha Inchi seeds great for healthThere are many alternative treatments designed to help those with depression. Most recently there’s been an interesting link found between the condition and Sacha Inchi seeds. Originally found in the Peruvian rain forest, these nuts come from the Sacha Inchi plant. They are often ground to create oil, though they can also be eaten raw. You’ll find them in health food stores as well as online. The question is how can they help with depression?

Why eating these nuts can lower your risk of depression
While these seeds have many helpful properties in them, there’s no denying that it’s the Omega 3 oil content that has the main benefits for treating depression. It is worth pointing out that these seeds will only help to control depression if it isn’t accompanied by anxiety. If you have anxiety too then you should seek help from a doctor.

Research carried out over the years has shown that a deficiency in essential fatty acids can cause mood swings and contribute to depression. Your body cannot produce Omega 3 which means you are relying upon your diet to get the adequate amount. If your diet is full of fatty, saturated foods then you won’t be getting enough Omega 3 into the body. If you struggle to eat a balanced, healthy diet then adding Sacha Inchi seeds to your diet can be a great idea.

The nuts can really help with mental health disorders as they insulate the nerve cells within the brain. This helps them to communicate together much easier.

Sacha Inchi seeds Oil BenefitsThese nuts can be added on top of salads, or you could eat them raw as a snack. They don’t have an unpleasant taste. In fact, many people prefer eating these nuts rather than taking a supplement such as fish oil. Not only do they taste nicer, but they also contain more Omega 3 than fish oil too.

Other potential benefits
There are many other sacha inchi health benefits that can come with eating these seeds regularly. They can also help to lower your blood sugar levels, which in turn help with diabetes. Many people use them as a weight loss aid and they can also be extremely beneficial for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

While not enough research has been done to fully support the health benefits of Sacha Inchi seeds, there’s no denying the health benefits many people have experienced after increasing their Omega 3 levels. Remember that it may take a month or two to start seeing any real results. If you’d prefer, you can also purchase Sacha Inchi oil which comes in liquid form or in gel capsules.